Friday, 28 May 2010

My jewellery of the day today absolutely HAS to be Penny Masquerade's Gold Typewriter necklace; I just sat a chemistry exam and my hand is aching from writing- i wish we were allowed to type. I love miniature things. I was given a miniature teapot necklace for my Birthday and it's so unbelievably cute, like a little dollshouse accessory. Ooh, and they ha d a typewriter necklace like this in one of my local shops, Berry Red, recently, and I wondered if it was a Penny Masquerade creation, though it didn't have a label on so I suppose I can't really be sure.

O.K., so I know that everybody has kind of seen this already, but my art of the day, aside from the jewellery of course, is Will Ashford's interpretation of an old book- on the one hand, I'm annoyed because he's defaced a book, on the other, I wish I'd thought of it. I have to say, I much prefer this to Tom Phillips' The Humument - this one has more of an illustrated feel about it. The whole story's been re-written by highlighting certain words and illustrating over others. I recently made a Hansel and Gretel book sculpture for my art exam, which I really need to upload...
Anyway, that's about it for today, because I really ought to be revising for my next batch of examinations *sigh* never mind...

Bye for now,

Rachel xxx

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