Sunday, 30 May 2010

I have spent all day tidying my room and have to go back to it in a minute so this isn't going to be an especially long post. Also, I have about 20 minutes left of what is officially "today" so I'm going to have to hurry up to get in all of my things of the day.

I find Pre-Raphaelite paintings fascinating. One of my favourite places to go for art is the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, and I have to say that the photographs you see online of the paintings never do them justice. They really do look completely lifelike, it's incredible. This picture of Cinderella (cleaning all day like I have been!) is by John Everett Millais; I don't think it's intended as an illustration, as he only did one, and he's done similar single paintings of other fairytales, including Puss in Boots and Red Riding Hood, but it's still amazing how he's interpretted the theme so well. It's also nice to see a change of theme, rather than mythology or Shakespeare.
Well, what else could I have as my jewellery of the day?! Another Penny Masquerade piece and one of my favourite types of design; this illustrated You Will Go To The Ball magnified setting is accompanied by wonderfully appropriate little charms, in this case, a golden broom and a Swarovski crystal heart. I think the idea of wearing such an ornate illustration is so lovely, especially because of the scalloped edging and decorative twist- it's not just a flat image, it's a piece of art.

And now I reall y will have to go because I'm technically 4 minutes into tomorrow and that kind of makes the idea of things "of the day" a little bit redundant. Never mind, all that's left to say is good morning! Now I'd best be getting back to putting all my books in order.

Bye for now,

Rachel xxx

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